Fast, Simple Approaches for Staying Hydrated

Fast, Simple Approaches for Staying Hydrated


sporty woman drinking water

Hydration is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome when you’re a tennis player, however, the results of dehydration can be devastating.
Tennis matches can last for hour’s therefore proper hydration and nutrition are critical elements when you’re a tennis player and these techniques are fast and simple to stay ahead of the game.

A fast moving, high-energy sport that lasts for hours at a time in tournaments and multiple match plays, requires a strong mentality.

*Strong mentality
The ability to stay focused, positive and emotionally strong; to see the big picture, strive to reach the end result.

Keeping the body in adequate and proper fluids throughout the day as to function in top form in any activity. However, for a tennis player this means sports drinks, water and skim milk before and after the game as well as sports drinks and water during the game.

*Sports drinks
Replaces your electrolytes and water fluids, much like Pedia-Lyte for babies and toddlers, as well as your energy levels. Comes in multiple brands, flavors.

•Tennis Player:
A tennis player can burn hundreds of calories in just one hour of play and they generally play for multiple hours at a time, therefore, stamina, strength and a strong mind are the utmost requirements when it comes to tennis.

The ability to endure for long periods of time, without getting fatigued or losing focus, also the ability for the body to heal, and rebuild itself and the bodies’ ability to go longer in vigorous activity, the more we push the body.

The body must be able to perform and function in a proper manner therefore, so as to keep going throughout your day no matter what you’re doing. The proper nutrition is a vital part. When you’re a tennis player, a strict diet of the right carbohydrates and energy bars are key to keep your body functioning for several hours at a time. Saltine crackers, fruit, turkey and grilled chicken are also a part of tennis player’s nutritional sources as well as other optimal foods.

These come in multiple foods such as fruits and vegetables, breads, cereals and grains also milk. Carbohydrates; used by your body, as fuel, give you the energy you need to keep going. Extremely important is the use of carbohydrates for sustaining your body, in all types of sports, vigorous activities.